Monday 4 November 2013

South Korea - Jeju Folk Village

Jeju Folk Village, where the history and folklore of the 19th century Jeju come to life! The mountain, hillside and fishing villages of Jeju have been reproduced, and you can take a glimpse of some hundred traditional houses, over 8.000 folk materials and folk crafts made by skillful craftsmen at Jeju Folk Villlage. 

Admission fees for adult is W 8.000. Automatic Audio Guide System is available in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese (at a Support Office in Jeju Folk Village Museum), rental fee W 2.000. Free parking lot. You can explore over 160.000 m2 of spacious place of this folk culture by walking or by free tour train (except on Sunday).

For k-drama lovers, you must know that many famous korean dramas such as Daejanggeum, Tamra 'The Island', Chuno, The Great Merchant, etc, filmed in this locations. Ok, Let's feel the spirit and history of the Tamra people at the Jeju Folk Village.

 Village Map in Main Entrance
Traditional Raft